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1st August 2020

Saturday started off on a bright, sunny and warm note. Friday had been exceptionally warm and I think we were all grateful that it was to be a cooler day.

As is often the case, I went to sort out the elderly server in the office while the others set to work on preparing the food. Once that was done, it was time for a Torak walk. He'd been slowly going around his enclosure, keeping his eye on us, and it didn't take much encouragement for him to come out! He had a short walk around the top field, then decided he'd rather go to the back field instead. This, of course, has the stream at the bottom and Torak made a bee-line for it, drinking some of the water and then, to our surprise, carefully laying down in it. His tail wagged slowly as the cooling waters flowed around him... he was the picture of contentment! After a long while, he got up and completed his exploration of the stream. He then strode powerfully back up the hill and we popped him back in his enclosure.

Mai was next. She was eager to come onto the yard and it provided a great "defluffing" opportunity: great clumps of her winter fur came loose and I'm sure she'd have felt cooler as a result. We then set off for the bottom field. Motomo howled mournfully a couple of times, then took up position at the rear of his enclosure, keeping an eye on his packmate. Mai, meanwhile, was more interested in sniffing out Torak's trail, following it all the way down to the stream. She didn't submerge herself though! Unlike Torak, she completed the circuit of the bottom field then headed for home.

We went in with the Beenhams with Nuka playing "Jack in the Box" with Sean, one of the seniors. Nuka, after popping up unexpectedly during a belly rub, zoomed off with a happy look to him! Tundra and Tala, meanwhile, were as affectionate as ever and were the recipients of much stroking and general fussing.

Feeding time was next and the wolves had their usual mix of paunch, beef and chicken. Sometimes when it's warm they can have less of an appetite, but the wolves (except Torak) were generally keen for their food.

The last activity of the day was stuffing some hessian sacks with straw, then sprinkling oils of peppermint, eucalyptus etc inside. The waft of the oils permeated the air and if we could smell it - goodness knows what it was like for the wolves! The Beenhams received two of the sacks, rubbing and rolling over them, as was the case with Mai and Motomo with theirs. It's good enrichment for the wolves and they enjoy playing with the sacks afterwards (being great for a game of chase, or tug-of-war).
With the action over, we tidied up and headed for home.
The Arctics
Mai and Motomo