The UK Wolf Conservation Trust is home to ten wolves living in four groups. For more information, click on a wolf's name below.

The Arctic Pack - Sikko, Pukak and Massak

These wolves came to us from Parc Safari in Québec in June 2011.

Sikko • PukakMassak

The Beenham Pack - Nuka, Tala and Tundra

Born to Mai and Motomo in May 2011, these young wolves have grown up to become our new generation of ambassadors.

Nuka • TalaTundra

Mosi and Torak

Mosi arrived in May 2006 from Dartmoor. She was joined a few days later by Torak, from the Anglian Wolf Society.

Mosi and Torak


Mai and Motomo

Mai arrived with her sister Mosi from Dartmoor Wildlife Park in 2006. She was deposed as Alpha by Mosi and subsequently separated from the pack. Motomo arrived in December 2010 as a companion for her.

Mai and Motomo


Former wolves of the Trust

We have a page dedicated to those wolves who are no longer with us.