Wolf Print is the UK Wolf Conservation Trust’s internationally recognised triannual magazine. It brings up to date information on wolf issues from around the world.

The Wolf Print team hopes to build on the magazine's reputation whist bringing Wolf Print to a wider audience. The look and content has been updated and as well as still producing cutting edge articles about wolf conservation and human and wolf conflict it will also include a section on the life and behaviour of wolves, news from around the world and at the UKWCT, reviews, media and art sections as well as more scope for member participation who are encouraged to submit photos and articles.

The magazine is issued three times a year and is available in hardcopy and online. All members of the Trust will automatically be sent Wolf Print in the hardcopy format. To non-members the hardcopy edition is available by direct subscription anywhere in the world. To subscribe to the printed edition, see our subscription form. Electronic issues are free. Please note all versions are subject to copyright and cannot be distributed or made available on other websites without express permission from the UKWCT. If you wish to let others know about Wolf Print, please link to this page.

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Issue 59

The current magazine is Issue 59 - Autumn/Winter 2016.

As well as our regular updates on the wolves of the Trust and news of wolves around the world, in addition to book reviews, our latest issue of Wolf Print has the following special features:

  • Humans, food-webs and large carnivores
  • Mexican and red wolf species survival plan
  • Wolves on Isle Royale
  • Yellowstone - no wolves, no water
  • Wolf hybridisation in Italy
  • Wolves and water in myth and folklore
  • An adventure in Croatia part 2
  • Fascinating lupine facts

There's much more besides, so why not download a copy and have a read!

  • Cubs at the Trust
  • Bats at the Trust
  • Iranian wolves
  • Indian wolf update
  • Cast in stone - statues of wolves
  • Red wolf captive breeding programme
  • The wolf in Spain
  • How to be a wildlife photographer
  • Lupines and Lairds - will the wolf ever return to Scotland?
  • Ravens and wolves
  • Wolves in Spain
  • A visit to the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme
  • An adventure in Croatia
  • Abruzzo wolf
  • Cross-fostering
  • Wolves in France
  • The Edinburgh Wolf Awareness Seminar
  • The red wolf
  • Dave Mech interview
  • Interview with Onnie Burford-Roe, artist