Pukak is not as tall as Massak and is the lowest ranking wolf in the pack. Massak spends a lot of time ensuring that Pukak knows his place in the pack and stays there. Pukak for his part accepts his brother’s leadership, but he will still try to get away with some small acts of rebellion. Massak allows this up to a point and then Pukak has to suffer the consequences.

He is well known for his love of food and will impatiently paw the fence at feeding time and try to dig towards the food. That is fine unless it has rained, then the poor person feeding gets their face and body splatted in mud from his huge wet paws! Given the opportunity he will grab his sibling’s food as well.

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Fact file

Canis lupus arctos, Arctic wolf

Born 8th March 2011 at Parc Safari

Siblings: Sikko (F), Massak (M)

Pukak through the years

Pukak in 2011
Pukak in 2012
Pukak in 2015