The late Roger Palmer had kept wolves as a private individual for many years. The more he had learned about wolves the keener he had been to dispel the myths and misconceptions that surround them. Encouraged by his friend Erich Klinghammer the founder of Wolf Park in North America, Roger was persuaded to form the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. We have a page dedicated to the early years of the Trust.

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust has moved on from those early days. There are now four large enclosures housing the Trust's ten ambassador wolves. We have both North American and Arctic wolves, as well as a European/North American cross. Look at the gallery for some photographs of our wolves, or watch some of the videos featuring our wolves.

The Trust is proud to provide financial support to a number of wolf conservation projects. We support projects across the globe, from America to Ethiopia, with an emphasis on Europe.

We have a whole range of interesting Wolf Conservation Presentations available which we are happy to bring to your group or club. Maybe you would prefer to come to the UK Wolf Centre? We can do that too with a presentation in our Education Centre.

We have become much more proactive on the education front & offer a wide range of events and activities to promote conservation in all its guises to school children of all ages.