Lives with: Mosi

Born in April 2006 at the Anglian Wolf Society, Torak came to the Trust at 10 days old as he was surplus to requirements. He lived with Mai and Mosi until they were 4 years old and Mai left the pack when Mosi took over as the dominant female.

Torak now lives with Mosi and can be very playful with her or when she annoys him will deal swift retribution. Torak is generally an easy-going wolf but, during the breeding season, is pestered constantly by Mosi as she tries to persuade him that "right now" is the time for mating! This can go on for weeks but Torak will only put up with her obsequious and fawning attention for so long. When she goes too far in her attempts to get him to notice her, he tells her off in no uncertain manner. It is quite something to see the normally placid and agreeable Torak chastise her with loud growls and a great show of teeth until she submits.

Torak is half North American and half European and has the most striking features from both parents. Torak is a magnificent wolf, tall and proud with long legs – a legacy from his North American wolf antecedents - and a handsome, masculine head.

Torak is one of our largest wolves and stands at an impressive height when placing his paws on handlers' shoulders in greeting. He is a gentle giant, astute around people and not altogether trusting of strangers. Very much like his namesake from the Michelle Paver books "Chronicles of Ancient Darkness", he can be aloof and a little apprehensive of crowds of people.

Torak likes sitting under his favourite tree, playing chase with Mosi, swimming in the pond and sitting regally on top of the mound. He trots around his territory every morning to ensure all is well. He loves enrichment and when there are eggs involved will sit patiently and peel the shell off the egg with his small front teeth. His favourite foods are pheasant, deer, meaty ice lollies and bananas. He can carry a 4 kg ostrich egg with his powerful jaws!

Torak's main dislikes are crowds of people and Mosi fussing over him.

Although Torak is a socialised wolf, he behaves very much as a wolf would do in the wild. He is very clear about what he likes and dislikes and if something upsets him, he will simply take himself out of the situation and go to the back of his enclosure where no one can see him. When he was small, he was a typical youngster, glad to see everyone and happy to socialise. Now he is a mature wolf he has made up his mind that there are only a few handlers who will be allowed to interact with him. Torak and Mosi have been retired from public walks because both found these too stressful.

With people he likes and trusts handling him, Torak is capable of doing the most amazing things – he has been photographed with a huge JCB digger, a tractor and has been into the Education room for a long session of filming. During all these events, and more, he has shown no fear whatsoever and seemed to enjoy being in the limelight.