Fact file

Canis lupus occidentalis, Northwestern wolf

Born 27th April 2006 at Dartmoor Wildlife Park

Siblings: Mai (F), Mika (F) - deceased, 2 unnamed pups - deceased

Zac Zac (M)
(b 1991 Dartmoor)
Lizzie Lizzie (F)
(b 1997 Howletts)


Mosi is a gregarious wolf who is full of life and energy. This boundless enthusiasm is not always good as it can lead her into trouble, but generally she is a joy to be around. Humorous, inquisitive and always up for an adventure, if Mosi were a cat (Mosi means "cat" in the Navajo language); she surely would need all nine lives.

Mosi is a bold wolf and is the cause for Mai living in another pack after she took full advantage of coming into season first to depose Mai as lead female, backed up by a very excited Torak. Mosi is into everything whether it’s chewing new saplings, ripping plants out of the pond or looking through fences at deer in the next field.

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Mosi through the years

Mosi in 2006
Mosi in 2008
Mosi in 2012