Lives with: Torak

Mosi is a Canadian wolf and her ancestors came from the Mackenzie River watershed area. She and her sisters Mai and Mika were born down a flooded den at Dartmoor Wildlife Park in April 2006 and had to be rescued by park staff. They were all bottle fed from one day old and arrived at the Trust at seven days old. Mika didn’t survive but Mosi and Mai were brought up with Torak. When they were four years old Mosi came into season early and her hormones impelled her to drive Mai from the pack and take her place as the dominant female.

At birth Mosi had a black coat which over the years has changed and is now a beautiful silvery grey coat.

Mosi likes playing in the pond, talking to people in a low growl, posing for photos on the platform and having her ears rubbed. She also loves to dig huge holes. She is the most vocal wolf at the Trust.

She dislikes not being the centre of attention and when Torak steals her food. She has also taken a dislike to certain contractors that come on site - she will bark all the time they are there. A wolf in the wild barks to alert the pack there is danger.

Mosi will eat anything and she especially loves sheep's paunch.

Mosi is a great character with a lot of attitude. When she was younger she worked as an ambassador wolf with her siblings but, with maturity, she has made it very obvious that she would rather not do this work. Consequently, Mosi is now retired from public duties and goes out on enrichment walks, or rather sprints in Mosi's case, with just Torak and her special handlers. She scent marks everywhere she can to let the other wolves know she has been there. Even with handlers who are well known to her she will sometimes give a low growl when having her collar put on, as if to remind them just who they are dealing with!

Mosi can be extremely affectionate when she chooses. Mosi’s eyes are what people notice first, they are bright amber with a hint of green but the expression in these eyes can change in a second. If she is feeling affectionate her eyes go soft and gentle, with slightly closed lids, but if something annoys her that soft expression will suddenly turn into an intense, hard stare so icy that sparks of cold green fire seem to radiate outwards.

Mosi loves receiving any form of enrichment in her enclosure, although cardboard tubes or boxes are a firm favourite, as she has the pleasure of ripping them open to find the goodies hidden inside. She is an amusing and inquisitive wolf and once you get used to her ways she can only be admired for her enthusiasm for life.