Lives with: Motomo

Mai and her sisters Mosi and Mika were born down a flooded den at Dartmoor Wildlife Park in April 2006 and had to be rescued by park staff. They were all bottle fed from one day old and arrived at the Trust at seven days old.

Mai is an impressive self-assured wolf with a stunning thick and luxuriant silvery grey coat. She is a wolf that enjoys being around people. She's known for her very gentle nature and still enjoys going on walks and socialising with her handlers. It is always guesswork as to how long these will last. If Mai decides after 5 minutes that she wants to go back to Motomo then she will turn around and make her way back to the enclosure. If she feels that he will be alright on his own, the walk can last up to an hour. When she returns to the enclosure Motomo sniffs all over her to see where she has been and who has touched her. Handlers prefer the longer walks, the more time they can spend with this sweet wolf the better! She is always ready to come to the fence for a scratch watched over by Motomo from a safe distance.

Mai likes people, playing with Motomo, swimming, fence running with the Arctics
and rolling in very smelly things on a walk. She loves to sit on top of the mound in the sun where she can survey her domain and keep an eye on what the humans are doing as well. Things she doesn’t like are umbrellas, the sound of gravel being scuffed by shoes, new places, strong winds and of course Mosi! She doesn’t really like to be away from Motomo either and often howls to him whilst out on a walk.

Mai’s favourite treats are fish and meat flavoured ice lollies. She is very protective of her food and Motomo will get a firm growl if he comes near to her when she is eating.

Mai enjoys new enrichment devices designed to keep her occupied such as scented hessian sacks and boxes with hidden food. Her favourite toy seems to be the hessian sacks with which she can be seen shaking days and weeks after they were put into the enclosure.