Fact file

Canis lupus occidentalis, Northwestern wolf

Born 19th May 2008 at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

Siblings: Amik (M), Ayet (F)

Yana (M)
Cheyenne (F)


Motomo was 2½ years old when he came to us in 2010 from Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in Devon. Motomo, unlike the other wolves at the UKWCT, was only hand-reared for the first two weeks of his life, so is only partly socialised and cannot be handled by the volunteers. He still retains his inborn fear of humans, although whilst at first he was shy and wary his confidence with humans has grown markedly. This is partly due to watching Mai confidently interacting with handlers.

Motomo is a stunning wolf and visitors are interested to see how a "wild" wolf differs from a socialised wolf.

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Motomo through the years

Motomo in 2010
Motomo in 2011
Motomo in 2013