Tsa Palmer Tsa Palmer has been involved with wolves since 1972. Together with her late husband Roger they kept wolves in a private collection first at Dorney Court and then from 1983 at Butlers Farm. In the early days the hand raised wolves used to live in her flat in London accompanying her to work in a cardboard box and sleeping under her desk! When they were weaned they moved into large secure pens in Dorney, Bucks and were taken out for walks every day in the surrounding countryside. Tsa was involved in the rearing and day to day management of around 15 wolves over the next 20 years. They starred in many films such as Dracula, American Werewolf in London and Company of Wolves as well as numerous television programmes and advertisements.

In 1995 Tsa together with her husband Roger started the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and she was a director until 2002 resigning when Roger became ill and she needed to spend more time looking after their three young children On Roger's death in 2004 she resumed her commitment to the Trust, becoming a Director again and running the Trust on a day-to-day basis. Tsa has a background in fundraising so is involved with the media and merchandise side of the Trust, as well as regularly running events at the Trust and handling the wolves. Her passion for these wonderful animals is if anything stronger than ever. The Trust has grown hugely since 2004 with over 10,000 visitors now a year coming to learn about wolf conservation at what is now the premier facility for wolves in the UK.