In 2008 Alistair Bath, a human dimensions expert alerted the UKWCT to the issue of people and wolf conflict in Armenia. The Armenian people are generally tolerant of wolves but a recent spate of livestock killings had hit the population badly in one part of the country. The UKWCT sent emergency funds to help pay for electric fencing and herd protection dogs. These simple methods can go a long way in continued tolerance of large carnivores. Later we funded some of Alistair’s continued work towards a transboundary peace park which amongst other things will protect wolves. Alistair sent the following email as an update on his work and why the on-going funding was needed:

"I with colleagues have collected a lot of quantitative data from local residents through personal interviewing and administering a quantitative questionnaire. This data needs to be finished in being entered, cleaned and then analysed. Monies are needed for labour costs/salary monies to spend the time analysing data so I can see what the extent of the key issues are, what factors are really driving some of the attitudes and concerns of local residents, write up these results, and then some monies to be able to cover travel expenses to present these results back to the local residents. I think this should be a priority and often finding funding sources to cover this less glamorous analysis work is challenging but definitely necessary as it provides the direction for how to effectively tackle the important issues, and to understand the extent of issues. Alistair Bath".

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Project managed by: Alastair Bath and the WWF (Armenia)

UKWCT donations: £4,000 since 2008

The UKWCT's funding has helped provide livestock guardian dogs and electric fencing in order to protect livestock.