Born 2nd May 1999 at Wildwood

Siblings: Geri (M), Frecki (F), Cheza (M), Peyto (M), 5 other pups (some of which were from Athena (F), b 1997 Czechoslovakia)

Apollo (M)
(b 1997 Romania)
Luna (F)
(b 1997 Czechoslovakia)


Anius (M) and Larnia (F) arrived at the Trust on 10th May 2001. At first they seemed to thrive and put on weight rapidly. They were introduced to solids early and all seemed well. However, at six weeks old they both seemed to be suffering from weak hind legs. When the vet examined them he found they were suffering from calcium deficiencies which were causing abnormalities and weaknesses in their bone development. Both were x-rayed and found to have damaged their femurs. Despite 24 hour nursing care by volunteers and the best efforts of our vets, there was no prospect of recovery so on 25th June 2001 the decision was sadly taken to put them both down. In their short time with us Larnia and Anius had made an incredible impression. Their courage and good nature will remain a lasting testament to their influence on us all at the Trust.