Subordinate Female, 1998 European Pack (canis lupus lupus, European wolf)
Born 1997 in Czechoslovakia

Athena came to us in 1998, imported with two other European wolves. She had been hand reared with ten other cubs by Erick Zimen at his centre in Merzig, East Germany before being transferred to the Dutch Wolf Recovery Centre in Holland, ready to be imported by Roger Palmer to the UK in 1998.

Athena, Apollo and Luna (the other two wolves) were sold to Wildwood in Kent in 2000, where she had several litters with Apollo. She was later transferred to Norfolk Wildlife Park with two of her daughters where we lost track of her.

The following year some of the cubs went to the Anglian Wolf Society. One of these cubs eventually sired Torak, one of our present wolves at the UKWCT.