Western Wildlife Outreach is a non-profit organisation which works with communities in Washington and Idaho in the USA. Using education and outreach, it aims to increase understanding of and promote coexistence with large carnivores, including grey wolves.

One of their current projects involves working in the Spokane Valley in eastern Washington, with measures such as turbo (electrified) fladry and fox lights being used to discourage wolves from predating on ranches in the area. So far the work, aimed mostly at smaller-scale ranchers, has been successful.

The UKWCT's funding will help the rollout of the project by providing funding for additional lights and the publication of further outreach materials.

Map of wolf territory in Washington state

For more details on the project, please visit their website.

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Project managed by: Western Wildlife Outreach

Project website: www.westernwildlife.org

UKWCT donations: £4,261 in 2016