Lives with: Nuka and Tala

Tundra was born at the Trust in May 2011 and is the dominant female in the Beenham pack. She is very similar in colouring to her brother Nuka but Tundra is easily distinguished with her smaller frame, slender face and long thin nose.

Tundra is a very wary wolf and keeps away from unfamiliar people on walks and in the enclosure. On open days her food has to be thrown over the fence at a safe distance from the visitors, but once the people have moved on she rapidly comes down closer to see if her brother or sister has left anything. Tundra has a very healthy appetite!

Tundra takes her position in the pack very seriously and is quick to discipline her lower ranking sister Tala when she feels Tala has done something wrong or is getting too much attention. However, her brother Nuka has been seen dragging a very surprised Tundra by her tail several feet away from Tala when he thought she was being unreasonably aggressive. On walks if Tala starts to howl Tundra can stop her with just a stern disapproving look. The public can be stunned to see the very shy pretty little wolf keeping her distance from them suddenly turn into a snarling virago if Tala displeases her. It is so easy to forget that they are wild animals.

Tundra likes chasing pheasants, drinking from the waterfall in her enclosure and keeping Tala under control. She can be very affectionate to handlers she knows and respects. She loves rubbing her head and shoulders across certain handler's heads when they are in the enclosure. It could be their shampoo or soapy smells which attract her. She likes to rough and tumble play fight with her siblings, but the snaps, growls and yelps are never serious. It just sounds alarming.

Tundra doesn’t like sudden movements, large groups of people, Tala and Nuka being the centre of attention, Tala howling on walks and high winds. When her sister or brother do silly things like rolling on ice or playing in the pond Tundra usually watches their antics from a distance with an air of scorn!

When it comes to being collared for a walk all three playful wolves make it into a game and it is not unknown for one wolf to grab another by the tail and pull him/her away from the handler trying to put the collar on. Eventually they tire of trying to outsmart the handlers and give in as they really enjoy their enrichment walks with the public.

Tundra is a firm favourite with visitors and volunteers alike as she has such a diverse character and is a very stunning and affectionate wolf.