Lives with: Nuka and Tundra

Tala was born here at the Trust in May 2011 and is the lowest ranking wolf of the Beenham pack, although she does challenge her brother and sister’s authority at times. If Nuka thinks that Tundra is being unreasonably strict with Tala he will intervene.

Tala, as one of the Trust’s ambassador wolves, goes out on public walks with her handlers which she enjoys immensely often howling or rolling as she enjoys the enrichment of all the wildlife scents in the fields surrounding the Trust. She is very popular with the public on the walks, especially when she catches a mouse or vole to snack on! She loves people and is a very friendly wolf.

Tala can be very destructive and annually "coppices" the trees in her enclosure or tears up wooden platforms with her powerful jaws. She has been known to chew benches when out on walks. She has been seen pulling reeds from the overgrown pond. She is a masterful digger and can dig a deep hole in no time at all. She enjoys hunting any small mammal in her enclosure, including squirrels that go in after the hazel nuts but sadly never come out. When she was a tiny cub she found the books in the bookcase and soon, before the volunteers could get to her, had torn off some of their covers! Every year when Christmas trees are placed in the wolves' enclosures for children's events Tala tears their tree up and runs around the enclosure with Tundra and Nuka in hot pursuit! In short she is a very lovable but mischievous wolf.

Tala is very playful and loves to romp around play fighting with her brother and sister demonstrating typical wolf behaviour .On their chases they get up to some impressive speeds before collapsing under trees to rest. She will always be the first wolf to come up for attention when handlers go into the enclosure, but is soon put in her place amidst snarls and growls by her sister who, as the pack’s dominant female, feels she should be greeted first.

Tala can be worried about gates if she doesn’t have a clear view of what is on the other side, she dislikes the wind and being told off by Tundra. When a hot air balloon went over she fearfully darted into the copse at the back of the enclosure and hid until it had gone. She also dislikes Nuka digging up her cached food to eat.

She is not a fussy eater and loves all enrichment snacks, especially any small mammals she can catch.

Students love to watch the Beenhams interacting with each other and displaying typical wolf behaviour. It is an ideal opportunity to observe pack dynamics.

Tala is a very endearing wolf and loves to interact with her favourite human friends, but is still a mature and very powerful wild animal and as such demands our respect.