CanOvis is a project running in France, studying the effectiveness using of livestock guardian dogs (LDGs) to deter wolves. The area covered is in the southeast of the country, including the mountains of Mercantour and the Canjeurs Plateau. This is the area which, back in 1992, saw wolves migrating into France from Italy.

The project was founded in 2013 and has already conducted a good deal of research, using GPS collars to track the movement of LGDs and sheep. The plan is to improve training of LGDs with an aim of increasing their efficiency as protectors of the flocks of sheep.

Over the next four years further studies will be carried out, with changes in training and deployment of LGDs likely to be suggested (and tested!)

The project was short of money in 2013 and it's hoped the UKWCT's donation will help provide extra data to help with the analysis of training methods.

Fact file


Project managed by: CanOvis

UKWCT donations: £14,000 since 2014


Download the annual report for 2013 here.

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