Non-invasive research is encouraged at the UKWCT, a full proposal needs to be submitted for approval and placements for research are placed on a first come first served basis. The proposal form can be downloaded from here.

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Many students complete research projects at the UKWCT; abstracts of their papers are listed below, so feel free to read them to gain more details on their chosen study topic and let them help inspire ideas for your own study.

Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of the UKWCT
• Allison-Hughes, Victoria - Self-medication in captive wolves
• Barrett, Rebecca - To Howl or not to Howl? The Nature of Synchrony in Wolf Chorus Howling
• Butler, Jordan - The effect socialisation has on the duration and intensity of agonistic and abnormal behaviour in the grey wolf (Canis lupus) in captivity (Ethogram)
• Claridge, Jennifer - Male-Female Interaction and How this changes throughout the year in Captive Wolves (Canis lupus)
• Da Costa, Sophie - The effect of environmental enrichment on captive wolves
• Gunning, Nadia - Welfare and conservation in captive canids
• Haswell, Peter - Wolf depredation management
• Harris, Sue - Behavioural comparisons of captive wolves to domestic dogs
• Sherratt-Ayerst, Toni - The effects of the enclosure and management on the behaviour of captive wolves
• Webb, Megan - The effect of aromatherapy scents on 5 key behaviours of captive pairs of grey wolves
• Woods, Jasmine - The effects of three forms of scent enrichment on the behaviour of captive wolves

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