Many students have completed research projects at the UKWCT; abstracts of their papers are listed below.

Please note the opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of the UKWCT
• Allison-Hughes, Victoria - Self-medication in captive wolves
• Barrett, Rebecca - To Howl or not to Howl? The Nature of Synchrony in Wolf Chorus Howling
• Butler, Jordan - The effect socialisation has on the duration and intensity of agonistic and abnormal behaviour in the grey wolf (Canis lupus) in captivity (Ethogram)
• Claridge, Jennifer - Male-Female Interaction and How this changes throughout the year in Captive Wolves (Canis lupus)
• Da Costa, Sophie - The effect of environmental enrichment on captive wolves
• Gunning, Nadia - Welfare and conservation in captive canids
• Haswell, Peter - Wolf depredation management
• Harris, Sue - Behavioural comparisons of captive wolves to domestic dogs
• Sherratt-Ayerst, Toni - The effects of the enclosure and management on the behaviour of captive wolves
• Webb, Megan - The effect of aromatherapy scents on 5 key behaviours of captive pairs of grey wolves
• Woods, Jasmine - The effects of three forms of scent enrichment on the behaviour of captive wolves