Beta Female, North American Pack (canis lupus occidentalis, Northwestern Canada wolf)
Born 12th May 1998 at Woburn Safari Park

Siblings: Duma (F) - deceased

Monty (M)
(b 1982 Bewdley)
Epsom (F)
(b 1989 Woburn)


Dakota originally came from Woburn Safari Park in May 1998 at 8 days old with her sister Duma. She was one of the Trust's main ambassadors for many years, meeting thousands of people at shows and events all over the UK. She even appeared on TV programmes such as Monarch of the Glen, Blue Peter and the Paul O’Grady show and was featured in news programmes and countless newspaper and magazine articles. Over her time at the Trust she had one constant companion: her sister Duma kept her in check, although even she couldn’t always keep her out of trouble.

In 2007 Dakota was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer that affects the lymphatic system. We were told to not expect her to live more than a few months but she defied all the odds and went on for further three years. This was due partly to excellent veterinary care, both traditional and homeopathic, but also to her incredible spirit, determination and zest for life. She will always be our cheeky girl with a sparkle in her eye and mischief on her mind.