Join in the fun and games!

Listed below are some fun games that you can play with while in the Kid's Den. Some are ones that will make you think, some require your creative side, and some require you to think like a wolf — however, all the games are fun! Remember to check back regularly for more games...

Can you surivive the Call of the Wild? WolfQuest is a 3D game that makes you think and act just like a wolf would in the wild. This wildlife simulation game helps you think about how animals live and ways you could help conserve them by acting like them themselves!

Play as a single player and live the life of a wild wolf in Yellowstone National Park, learning how to survive in the wild, finding a mate, raising a family, or play as a team and work together to survive.

Do you have what it takes to become the Ultimate Wolf Tracker? In this game there are wolf tracks and signs hidden around the chosen setting and it's your job to find them all! What signs can you find that say a wolf has been here?

Wolf Tracker is the new game designed by the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. It will be updated with new "levels" so that you have more to find so check back occasionally!

Massak Maze!
Massak is stuck and can't find a way back to his siblings through the ice. Why don't you print off this maze and help him find a way home by following the lines to the correct route to Sikko and Pukak?