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An evening with David Attenborough!

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust was honoured to be invited to attend a presentation evening and interview with Sir David Attenborough on Monday 29th April at the National History Museum in London. The evening was organised by The Explorers Club, British Chapter. UKWCT supporter, Jim McNeill led the interview, showing memorable clips from Sir David’s extraordinary career. The Explorers Club, which presents the award to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of exploration, recognised Sir David for his mindfulness in exploration and for creating awareness of the crucial need for conservation. Over the past 60 years Sir David has brought the many wonders of the planet straight to our living rooms, introducing us to whole new worlds. He has been a pioneer in the conservation movement, changing our perceptions and attitudes towards the environment.

The evening was a celebration of his lifetime achievements and a chance to hear his views on the state of the world. He shared with us unknown anecdotes of his wild encounters which delighted the audience. As the evening drew to a close, Jim presented the audience with an opportunity to have their own questions answered by the legendary presenter. This was then followed by the presentation of the Lowell Thomas Award Medal and a standing ovation from the audience.

It was a memorable evening and an honour to be in the presence of such an inspirational figure in the world of conservation.

Yellowstone, Return of a Legend

Yellowstone is a phenomenal place to visit, once there, you'll never want to leave! The team and I were exceptionally lucky with our sightings and were very fortunate to meet wolf experts such as Rick McIntyre and Ranger Bill Wengeler along the way. Bill Wengeler was one of the people responsible for reintroducing the wolves into the park. Rick is a bit of a celebrity amongst Yellowstone wolf watchers. He is the Biological Science technician for the Yellowstone Wolf Project and is out every morning tracking wolves. He will not return home until he has seen one! Everybody knows Rick and his big bright yellow Nissan pickup! As soon as anyone spots it parked up, a crowd soon gathers

During our stay we even met up with filmmakers Jim & Jamie Dutcher. Jim & Jamie are the couple who lived with a pack of wolves in thr Idaho wilderness for 6 years and founders of the not-for-profit organisation Living With Wolves. They are this year's judges for the UKWCT's Joan Paddick Photography Awards competition. To be in with a chance to win a signed copy of Jim & Jamie's Living With Wolves book be sure to enter before 5th August. The Dutcher's latest book, The Hidden Life of Wolves, is now available for purchase on our online store!

Click here to read more about the wolves of Yellowstone (wolf print article). Head of the Yellowstone Wolf Project, Dr Doug Smith, will be speaking at this year's UKWCT seminar, Conservation in Action so be sure to secure your ticket if you would like to attend.

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The Wolf Pack territories in Yellowstone List of the places Danny and the team visited Clive Readings, Wolf Keeper, watching some wild wolves Danny playing the waiting game looking for wolves

A wild bison at Yellowstone In Hayden Valley we saw a wild coyote! A female black bear and her cub Finally, at last, a wolf was spotted in Lamar Valley!