Old Wolf Chronicle Issues!

This page is where all the gone and past issues of Wolf Chronicle will be stored! Feel free to read back through them and browse through the pages to see what we've covered in old editions - you could even print them out and use them for the old pictures and so on! Click on the dates below to read the wolf print!

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January 2013
This issue is about late Duma and Lunca and their lives with us at the Trust while they were still with us. It also has a feature article on Wolf Blood, the BBC TV Show as well as having an informative article on wolf communication.

September 2012
This issue is packed full of information. It has a detailed fact file about Red Wolves so that you can learn more about them, and also has an informative article on what wolves eat. Michelle Paver also has an article announcing the winner of her competition.

May 2012
This issue answers the question of "why do we socialise our wolves?", which is what all our wolves (par Motomo) are. It means that while they are not tame, they are used to humans, and allows us to get close to them. A helpful article on wolf's hearing is also included to help you understand the Wolf more.

Jan 2012
This issue is about the arctic wolves, as it was their firs time out on a walk! It is full of photos and updates about how it went, and it's a very interesting read. An article also looks into a wolf's eyes and considers how they work, and also what makes them different to other animals, such as deer.