Wolf viewing and bat walk

The Trust has always encouraged our native wildlife and we are home to many bats, many of which live in nesting boxes on trees around the site that were erected to provide additional roosting sites. Since Autumn 2011 the Trust has been working with the Berks & South Bucks Bat Group (BSBBG) to identify what species of bats are using the Trust’s lands.

Brown Long Eared bats and Pipistrelles are the most common species we have and the ones you would be most likely to see on this event. When surveying the nesting boxes we found Brown Long Eared bats using them and while on a walk bat detectors identified the Pipistrelles around the site.

When you come for the event you will have an opportunity to tour the Trust with our experienced handlers as they explain about our 10 wolves, you'll have chances to seem them close through their enclosure. There will be photographic opportunities with the wolves and a howling session, allowing you to get that perfect photo to keep as a memento of the night!

Then there will be a presentation by an expert on the life of bats in the UK, where they will talk about the species available locally as well as delve into the work the Trust does with our nesting boxes. You'll be able to see some of the wolves being fed by their handlers and get great views of them eating their dinner. Afterwards you will then accompany the experts and handlers on a walk around the Trust at dusk with bat detectors to see the long-eared bats flying above you while you listen to their ultrasonic echolocation calls for a truly magnificent evening! 

Booking required. £15 per person. The event takes places on the following dates:
- Saturday 9th June 8.15pm
- Saturday 14th July 8.15pm
- Saturday 11th August 7.30pm