Wolf Discovery Day

Spend the whole day studying in depth wolf behaviour close up by observing and getting involved with the welfare of our ten wolves.

Learn about wolf pack structure, our wolves’ personalities and take close up photos.

Your day will include a presentation about wolf behaviour, followed by personal information on our resident wolves. You will be able to help with feeding them & there will also be a chance to take part in our enrichment programme, which differs daily and observe the wolves' behaviour. You'll learn how we keep our wolves healthy and happy.

A tour will be given of one of the enclosures, with the wolves kept in a separate holding area for the duration. During the tour you'll see the wolves' habitat from a unique perspective! A howling session with the wolves is included, then there will be a telemetry/tracking workshop with our wolf keeper Mike, who's tracked wolves in the wild.

The day will conclude with a presentation about the projects we support and what needs to happen for wolves and humans to coexist in the future. There will be ample close-up photo opportunities throughout the day.

£90 per person. Limited places, minimum age 18 years contact the office or book online!

Make sure to bring your own lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.

Available dates : Tuesday 7th,14th & 21st August & Thursday 23rd & 30th August 10AM to 4PM