Walking with wolves

Have you ever wanted to see a wolf close up? Have you wondered what it's like to walk amongst them? You can find out by coming on one of our regular wolf walks, accompanied by Nuka, Tala and Tundra, our 7-year-old mature ambassador wolves who were born here at the Trust. The walks are held most weekends and take place over the fields around the site of the UKWCT. The walks take roughly an hour and a half, but this can vary as the wolves set the pace!

After a short safety briefing, you'll be introduced to the wolves and handlers for the walk. The wolves then set off across the fields, allowing you to get an excellent view of them as they sniff, scent and scratch. There are also plenty of opportunities to take photos, with the route specially chosen to provide several especially photogenic areas.

You'll see the wolves interacting with their environment, whether it's investigating a scent trail, rolling in something pungent or taking a dip in our stream. You'll also be able to view the other wildlife on site; if you're lucky you'll see a hare or see a majestic red kite soaring overhead. You may also get to experience the haunting sound of a wolf's howl, as the wolves will often call to the other packs back in their enclosures.

Throughout the walk volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, or you may prefer to wait until the "stump talk" which is roughly halfway through the walk. While the wolves take a short break, you'll learn about the history of the Trust, information about wolves in general and their current conservation status and details of the projects supported by the UKWCT.

The Beenhams interact during a walkThere is a chance to further support us by purchasing gifts in our shop. A tour of the centre follows, allowing you to see the other packs and compare the different types of wolf we have on our site.

The final enclosure has an elevated viewing platform and this affords an excellent view across the area, with a bird's-eye view of the large pond contained within the enclosure. It's an ideal photo opportunity.

To come on a walk, contact the office or book online.

A list of dates of upcoming walks is available on our "What's On" page. Note that the day usually finishes around 4PM.

Note: To attend a walk you will need to be fit enough to walk about an hour and a half at a leisurely pace unaided ( e.g without walking sticks.) However, if you have any questions, please contact us using the "Contact" link in the menu above.

Your booking for a wolf walk is for a specified date. The walk booking cannot be refunded or exchanged unless the walk is cancelled. In exceptional circumstances you may amend your walk booking: this will be at the discretion of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. Requests for booking changes must be made either by phone or email to the office at least 14 days before your walk.

The minimum age for walkers is 12, if accompanied by adult 18+.

Tala poses on one of our walks