Photographic Days


Held in Autumn and Winter, when the wolves look their most charismatic, Photography Days with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust offer a full day wolf photography day. They are open to photographers of all abilities and standards of equipment.

Our exciting photography days start with a brief presentation setting the scene, informing you about wolves in general and the history of our wolf centre, as well as the projects we support around the world.

All 10 wolves on site can be photographed and in some enclosures you will enter a smaller holding pen adjacent to the enclosure which has holes cut into the fence allowing you to get photos without the chain in front of your lens. All enclosures are well designed, with large spaces and natural settings - such as trees, shrubbery, grass and natural looking mounds the wolves enjoy to pose on. Two enclosures also have ponds and waterfalls. As the wolves (with one exception) are socialised the volunteers are able to get the wolves up close within the camera lens.

One of our enclosures features a photographic platform which is great for getting a different angle of the wolves.

The forthcoming days will be an ideal opportunity to take photos of our ten wolves in their winter coats, including our photogenic Arctic wolves - and they make for a super photo with their light coats. You'll be able to take photos of the Beenham pack too. As our wolves are socialised they're happy to pose for photos! During the day you'll usually see red kites flying above the Trust and they make an ideal photographic subject.

These days make an ideal present for those interested in wildlife photography, or those who wish to take advantage of a unique opportunity to get close to wolves. For details of upcoming dates, check our events calendar.
Price is £80 per person, the days run from 10.30 AM to 3 PM. Space is limited to 6 people on weekdays, 12 people on weekends, so book early! Contact the office or book online.

(Teas and coffees will be available during the day; you will need to bring a packed lunch.)

Available dates

  • Tuesday 9th January, Tuesday 20th & Tuesday 27th February 10.30 am - 3pm

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