The UKWCT has at its core four main objectives. These are:

To enhance public awareness and knowledge of wild wolves and their place in the ecosystem

To this end, the UKWCT runs a variety of programmes and events aimed at introducing new ideas about wolves to the public, to challenge any misconceptions and show the wolf as it really is. We raise awareness by holding open days, by attending country shows and by allowing members of the public to join us and visit our wolves.

We support conservation in conjunction with several projects around the world, all aimed at keeping the wolf part of the wild for generations to come.

Knowledge is the key to understanding wolves and we provide support for students wishing to conduct research into wolves. We also keep our members up-to-date with the latest goings-on in the wolf world via our flagship magazine, Wolf Print.

To provide opportunities for ethological research and other research that may improve the lives of wolves both in captivity and in the wild

The Trust aims to dispel the myths surrounding wolves. To this end, we run wolf walks most weekends which give an excellent opportunity to see a wolf up close and to appreciate their mannerisms and instincts. For those studying wolves, we allow observation of the wolves in their spacious enclousures - designed to allow the wolves to exhibit their full spectrum of innate behaviours.

To raise money to help fund wolf related conservation projects around the world

Wolves are inevitably going to come into conflict with humans, but education and funding can go a long way to mitigating the impact. We support projects aimed at reducing conflict where wolves and humans live together, through such means as supporting Livestock Guardian dogs and providing funding for education and research projects.

To provide wolf related education programmes for young people and adults

We have a well-developed education programme. We offer activities and tours for groups from primary school age and up, backed up by a wide variety of educational materials.