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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there will be fewer updates than usual. The wolves are still receiving excellent care from our volunteers, there are just fewer of them on site.


8th May 2021

On Saturday we woke up to a wet and windy day but all of us dressed up in our finest rainy day gear ready for a woflie day! And what a lovely day it was! We started the day with a Beenham walk! The wolves had a good sniff about and enjoyed a little tickle from their human friends. We ventured into the back field where Tala had a good investigation of the old badger sett, at the bottom of the field the stream was lovely and full, so Nuka and Tundra went for a dip in wolf creek and wandered down stream, Tala found a stick further down the stream and that was far more interesting but did enjoy a little dip whilst exploring the opposite bank!
Nuka and Tala then took turns wriggle rolling in the smelliest smell, which I think we all went home having a whiff of by the end of the day!

We also asked Mai if she wanted to come out and enjoy a stretch of her legs. We had thought she turned us down but after walking back to Motomo and giving him a little huff as if to say I'm going out for a bit, she decided to come out with us! We took her in the field behind Motomo so they could keep a loving eye on each other. Mai was so relaxed on her walk and even went round the group to enjoy a little fuss, even a little roll on Nikki's boots. Once she decided she had been away from Motomo for long enough she slowly headed off back up the hill back home to share with him the sniffs of the outside world!

The Arctic wolves enjoyed the usual fence tickles and at the same time sharing some lovely mud with us as they splish splash in all the puddles.

After the wolves' dinner had gone down we went in to see the Beenhams and they all enjoyed a fuss and in turn shared the smelly stench they all rolled in during the walk. Tala went off first to the second platform, over looking us but quickly falling asleep, Nuka was nice and socialable staying a while for some belly rubs before disappearing into the trees, leaving Tundra to enjoy all the fuss and nearly falling asleep on the platform.
The wolves have all had a fabulous weekend and we left them all snoozing under the late afternoon sunshine!

Update by Ella, photos by Craig.
Mai and the Beenhams

2nd May 2021

We all arrived prepared for all types of weather today. After a pre-brief by the Senior handlers, first out were the Arctics, Massak, Sikko and Pukak. They couldn’t wait to get out and you’d think they would be charging off to explore their territory. However, the aptly named walks we used to do with the public, ‘An Arctic Amble’, is still very suited to them. They are fully engaged with their surroundings, sniffing and scenting as we go along, but they really do amble along.
Although it was a long walk, they slowed down even more as we headed back to their enclosure, with more dawdling than walking. Mai and Motomo got all excited at seeing them come back and stood expectantly by the dividing fence, waiting to fence run with the Arctics once they were back home.

We had a short lunch break and headed down to walk out with the Beenhams. As we neared their enclosure there was a lot of squeaking and growling going on. Nuka was giving Tundra a very robust telling off, we suspect as she was picking on her sister Tala. Nuka sometimes has quite enough of the squabbling and puts Tundra in her place! Although it seemed a very active telling off, within a few minutes all was forgotten and although this always sounds harsh, never hurt each other.
We set off a breakneck speed. This is normal for the Beenham pack and with the added recent adrenaline kick left over from the fracas, they were turbo charged.
After a while they slowed down somewhat and we had a long and lovely walk with them. We had sun and then rain which turned into hail, thankfully for a short time only. They found some exceedingly smelly deposits to roll around in and we also witnessed them burying noses in holes searching for maybe moles under the soil, but came up empty mouthed today.

As Mai was showing interest in the day’s proceedings her handlers went to see if she wanted to come out. For the rest of us further away, the sign she was out was Motomo’s howling!
With Mai stalking off around the field behind their enclosures, Motomo led the rest of the wolves with a long and tuneful howling session. This is always something to really enjoy and not what you hear around the UK countryside.

The tortoises had their walk around while we cleaned their pen and prepared all the food for the day.
All the wolves had a good appetite today, not leaving much for the swooping kites today.
The day turned decidedly chilly as we happily left after our exhilarating day with the wolves.

Update by Eve, photos by Craig.
Mai and the Arctics