Mai and Motomo had cubs in early May and they're growing up quickly.
A month later three Arctic wolves arrived from Canada.
You can keep up-to-date with goings on with our young wolves by visiting our updates page, or for diary entries when the cubs were younger, visit our archive. We also have a webcam overlooking the Beenham pack.
The Arctic Pack

Massak is a shy wolf who likes to bide his time until he is sure of what’s going on. He will stay off to one side while his siblings greet handlers but will eventually decide to join in. Massak is extremely confident once he is sure of any situation, he likes to be the centre of attention and is quite jealous if you interact with his sister and brother. However, once he has covered you in slobber and made sure that he has been noticed he will wander off, satisfied that you will remember him!

Pukak is a very friendly young wolf who craves affection. He loves to greet his handlers with squeaks, nibbles and lots of licks. If a fuss is made of his brother and sister, he will push himself in between them and demand that he gets his full share. Handlers are frequently covered in a large, squirming bundle of wolves, all trying to outdo each other in showing how delighted they are in seeing these humans.

Sikko is a friendly young wolf who enjoys meeting people. Although she usually waits for her brother Pukak to make the first move she is happy to greet her handlers with much licking, nibbling and squirming. Growing up with two boisterous brothers has taught Sikko that she must assert herself to get attention and this is a lesson she has learned well.
The Beenham Pack

Nuka is the biggest cub in the pack and has very attractive markings of black, grey and brown, he has distinctive dark lines from the corners of his eyes round to the side of his face which makes him easy to tell apart from his sister and it seems he is well on his way to developing into as a magnificent looking wolf as his dad, Motomo. He is growing very fast and was the first cub to open his eyes and ears and started to howl at the tender age of ten days.

Tundra is the smaller of the two females in the pack and has the similar trindle colouring as her brother Nuka. Although she is like Motomo in physical appearance, she has adopted Mai’s temperament and character, being very affectionate and people orientated. She is a very shy but curious wolf and is the first to investigate new things, she likes to play in her water bowl, splashing away with her front paws until the bowl is empty.

Tala is the larger of the two females in the pack and differs from her brother and sister in her markings. Like her mum Mai, at this age, she is black with a white flash on her chest, with some grey markings already appearing on her back and shoulders. She is very lively and can stand up for herself, she scruffs her brother by taking a mouthful of skin on his neck and giving him a good shake, a trait that she shares with her aunt Mosi. The trio are a rather boisterous lot, seizing any opportunity to dominate one another.